Welcome to our Catholic community
May the peace of our Lord be with you! St. Columban and St. Peter strive to develop and enrich your Catholic life. Learn how to get closer to God by joining us regularly for Mass and confession and participating in the sacraments. We also offer faith formation classes, activities, volunteer opportunities, and other ministry services.



2016 Annual Catholic Appeal
Along with other churches, St. Columban supports many ministries and services throughout the Archdiocese--all made possible by YOU!  Donate today.

2016 Summer Youth Trip
This year, the Youth Group will be attending the Ignite Your Torch conference in Lacey. Learn more or register now!
2016-17 Youth Faith Formation Classes
Faith formation classes are offered for youth in all grades—kindergarten through 12th grade. Complete this registration form and bring it to the Parish Office. For more information on preparing for the sacraments, please call 360-458-3031 or email Cathy Pinick. The 2016-17 class schedules will be posted soon.

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